Friday, July 7, 2017

Sleepy summer road trips and reading.

Not all book blogs are equal, that's for sure. We get busy, don't have time or energy to write the beautiful essays that some love, or the funny anecdotes that others prefer, or we fall asleep with books on our chests, and don't get through them, and can't even write a post about books we've loved. But some people never disappoint, their blogs continue to weave interesting things together, and one person who does that, unerringly, is Beth Kephart Books. I was honored to have her reflections on THE FIFTH OF JULY included as part of her all-American road trip. The America I am writing about looks beautiful on the surface, but has so many cracks in its foundation. But all is not lost. It never is. For the rest of this weekend, if you like my Facebook Author Page, there's a free mini-book sampling of THE FIFTH OF JULY. If you hurry. It won't be July forever.

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

ONE MORE DAY is on sale for $2.99 for, yes, one more day.

A tangled web, perhaps, but a simple price. Thank you Barnes & Noble, for adding me to your 500 under $5. Here 'tis.
Or if you're a kindle person, here.

Also, I should mention the BIG GOODREADS GIVEAWAY on my novel THE FIFTH OF JULY. Please add it to your list!

That's more than enough linking for one day, but it's raining here, and rain means reading. I'll take that as a good sign that you will.