Thursday, March 1, 2007

Standing Still, by Kelly Simmons

1) Do I need Botox for my Author Photo?
2) If I don't like the book cover, should I tell them it looks like my daughter drew it?
3) Can you believe they just sent me the typeset pages just in time for . . .a holiday weekend?
4) Do publishers enjoy torturing authors, or is this just a natural by-product?


virtue001 said...

As I've already told you, you appear to be saying, "Bill, did you fart?"

Rachel Hauck said...

I'm reading Standing Still. Love it. Great, great descriptions and story world.

Rachel Hauck

Brian said...

Hey Kelly,

Finally found some time in between papers to pick up and start reading Standing Still.

I hope you understand this was a very bad move for me: everything's going to the wayside until I'm done with this book.

It's become a wonderful disaster.

That said, great job!