Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Everyone Hates My Photo

At a conference this weekend, an agent commented on my author photo looking a bit too much like Tina Fey. What is wrong with Tina Fey???? Now if they said I looked like Britney Spears in a pink wig, I'd be worried. I guess the problem is "funny"--no one wants me to look funny, i have to look serious. Which is damn near impossible for me.

1 comment:

Mike D said...

First off, Tina Fey is hot so fight to keep that look going on . .

second, congrats again on the novel -- envy rages through me but I will pretend otherwise in order to get your autograph on my copy (which I will PURCHASE -- glory be to capitalism) and thus add you to my collection

S'all for now -- good to see you the other night