Wednesday, January 16, 2008

I Need Martin Short

from Father of the Bride. I need a wedding planner with a crazy accent to organize all the details of the parties, promotions, advertising and PR i've set in motion surrounding this book. I can't even throw a dinner party, let alone a launch party. SIGH. This, my friends, is why wealthy people write books. Because only they have the money to launch them with the help of Martin Short.

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gretchendesign said...

I admit it! I am one of the people that purchased an illegal advance copy of your book on EBAY! I am also the type of person that MUST see everything before anyone else. I LOVED IT!! Especially the flashbacks. You have an amazing ability to eloquently illustrate a life experience with a witty metaphor. This is a novel that any married woman with children can relate. I will definitely recommend it. P.S. I will also be purchasing a LEGAL copy!