Thursday, August 7, 2008

New Book Finally Handed To Agent!

Oh boy, that was hard. Now that I have been through the S&M practice known as "editing" I had to look pretty hard at The Next Book manuscript because I don't want to go thru that hell again. I workshopped the first 40 pages last year, and this year I spent a lot of time forcing myself to mull, reflect, re-read and then re-write several times, adding more plot, etc. I have two other new manuscripts in first draft-ville . . . I have to get back on those pretty soon but for now it feels good to have committed to, and polished, one.


groovyteach said...

Thanks so much for responding on my blog. I hope you'll come back. I enjoy yours as well. I'm an English teacher and a pretty decent writer myself, though I've never had the courage to commit as you do, especially the way I've seen my father struggle and I don't understand why no one eats his stuff up--it's fabulous! I'll keep an eye out for your books!

Barb said...

Well, Hi Kelly! Thank you for stopping by my place and leaving a comment today. Not sure when your birthday is, but if we're both Leos, then I wish you either a belated, or an early, Happy Birthday! :-)

If you write like Anita Shreve and share a publisher with Jodi Picoult, you are officially on my must-read list.

Rest assured, I will buy and read Standing Still AND Skylight.

And don't be surprised if I post a review or two. :-)

It's nice to meet you!

skinny fat chick said...

Thanks for the rec. on Standing Still - I will check it out!

Liz said...

Thanks for visiting my blog and your book recommendation. If anyone else would like to read my review of "Three Cups of Tea" by Greg Morton
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Rachel Hauck said...

Congratulations, Kelly! Feels good to turn in a manuscript.