Friday, March 2, 2012

You Know You're A Reader When . . .

You know you’re a reader when:

1) You don’t mind waiting at the doctor’s office.
2) At your birthday party, you really do open the cards first
3) When home shopping, the word “built ins” causes your heart to flutter
4) Power outages just don’t bother you as much as other people
5) You judge everyone you date by their shelves, not their shoes
6) You remember the copy on your childhood cereal box
7) Your library card wears out before your debit card
8) You can remember the first book you read but not the first movie you saw
9) When looking at colleges, you only wanted to see the library
10) There has always been a flashlight in your bedroom

I know you're gonna add to the list, so pile on!


Gerri George said...

....when your nightstand is full of books, magazines, sections of newspapers you keep meaning to read, and post-its used for bookmarks.

Beth Kephart said...

not adding, just nodding.

kelly said...

Beth, your nodding is adding.
But I would prefer clapping.

Bobbi said...

When you fall over a flight of stairs because you won't drop the Kindle to grab the rail as you're going down. I had a black and blue arse for a month but not a scratch on the Kindle. Yesssss!!

Himmmm said...
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Himmmm said...

Kelly says we should join in the confessional. I agree that a little group therapy is in order

You know you're a reader when...
...your master bathroom is mistaken for a bookstore - and you don't even HAVE constipation problems.

...your Direct TV dish went out in the last storm - two months ago - and you just noticed it yesterday.

...when you describe your dates to friends, you use characters from novels instead of famous actors or models. become sexually aroused at the smell of old wood-pulp paper and printer's ink. finally hit the powerball lottery - but after one trip to Barnes & Noble you're poor again. go to the movies just to see how bad they butcher the original book.

...your idea of Hell would be spending eternity forced to read every novel written in text-speak and Twitter typos.(WTF? OMFG!)

...actual fights have ensued in your home due to your child, roommate, or spouse having the nerve to talk while you're trying to read.

...your idea of "foreplay porn" is warming up with a bodice-ripping Harlequin Romance.

...not only do you know what prepositions, common splices, and run-on sentences are - you can actually spot them!

...and finally, you know you're a reader when...'ve ever gotten 2nd degree burns on one side of your body from not turning over while reading at the beach!

Kerry Gans said...

I had to laugh at the "judge your dates by their bookshelves" one! Because when I was dating (via online dating services) I would always scroll down to the "What are you reading?" question. My husband was one of the few whose answer was not "Mostly magazines" "only work stuff" or "nothing". I tossed a lot of candidates that way! :-)

Clay Washington said...

Your dog is named after a character from Shakespeare...Get away from my plate, Othello! (Okay, he had that name when we rescued him, but we've kept it.)

You know when Hogwarts was founded but have never heard of Daniel Radcliffe.

kelly said...

Oh God, you guys, I love your additions!

Catherine Stine said...

Whenever I visit a friend, I do go right to the bookshelf!

Kathryn Craft said...

Love this! I read in the bathtub--the only thing I love more than a great read is a good long soak, and if I have both at the same time it's a perfect day--so I can add to #6: the contents of your shampoo in all their full scientific glory.

Cocamphocarboxyglycinate-propionate, anyone?

Carole said...

Great post. The best non-fiction book I have read for years was Better

Literary Marie said...

Great post! I nodded in agreement to each one!

You know you're a reader when the first question upon meeting a stranger is "What is the last book you read?"

Swany said...

I just moved into a new home in FL.
My wife's first comment was to agree to have wall inserts converted to book shelves for my "old" book collection!
God, but I have the best wife in the world!!!
Paul Swanson
Land O Lake, FL

Marlyn Beebe said...

... you have two full walls of shelves in your home office, and still not enough room for your books.