Tuesday, November 15, 2011

You Are A Writer. You Know You Are.

Being a writer has nothing to do with being published. Or wearing glasses.Or having a nice author photo that looks younger than you are. No.

You know you’re really a writer when . . .

1. Your clothes are not easily distinguished from your pajamas.

2. Your friends ask for help writing their wedding vows, their resumes, and their Netflix complaint letters.

3. On vacation, you walk into a hotel with a beautiful view and think, “ooh I can’t wait to write here!”

4. Your laptop is worth more than all your furniture combined.

5. Your primary criteria for viewing real estate is: Where will my desk go?

6. You spend more money on books than clothes.

7. You have paid a babysitter to take your children out for the night.

8. Your idea of a spa is Breadloaf.

9. You refuse to share your bookshelves.

10. When you take your child on college visits, the only thing that excites you is the library.

11. When people ask you what you want for Christmas, you say “an agent.”

12. When your kids have puppet shows, you urge them to work on their dialogue a little harder.

13. You have a backup to your backup to your backup.

14. Your children have never said “Sssh, Mommy’s sleeping,” but “Sssh, Mommy’s writing.”

15. You have written a tender and compassionate acknowledgments page for each unpublished work.

16. You have had paper cuts on your palm, not just your finger.

17. The idea of going to jail just . . . does not seem that bad to you.

That's my list -- feel free to share yours!


Donna Galanti said...

Kelly, a fun one! I especially get the paper cuts and the NOT sharing my bookshelves! Thanks for the laugh...

Elizabeth Mosier said...

God help me! Love your laughing photo~

Beth Kephart said...

GOOD GOODNESS, I needed this right now.

I think I'm a writer.

I think I am.

Can I have your author photo, by the way? For when I become a writer?

kelly said...

Okay, here's another one:

You know you're a writer when . . .
Someone asks for a pen and you say what color do you want?

Christie said...

Instead of jail, mine would be the psych ward so I can rest and have lots of time to write while also getting inspiration from the other residents.

Christie said...

They probably would not let me have sharp objects though so I'd be writing a novel with a crayon.

kelly said...

Ha, Christie! Crayons are good. Or lipstick -- could you write a chick lit novel with a lipstick??